Man Nearly Trapped In Internet Job Scam

Feds: Online Employment Fraud Is A Growing Problem

A Shelby County man looking for a way to support his family stumbled into a scam he luckily uncovered before getting in trouble.

The scam involved the use of stolen credit cards to ship goods to overseas addresses., 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

Anastacio Morales was initially excited to get a job offer from a shipping company that purported to be from Florida. The business said it liked his online resume and promised to pay him every month on the 15th.

Morales began receiving boxes of all sorts, containing expensive clothing and footwear, among other items.

"I call the people on the email, let them know I received the package and then ship them out with their labels on them," Morales said.

Morales said he became suspicious of the shipments and found out the merchandise was being bought with stolen credit cards and that he had unknowingly been holding stolen property he was asked to ship to Russia.

"I didn't think it was right, someone using someone else's credit card to purchase things," he said. "To me, it's stealing."

Battling cybercrime is a constant challenge at the FBI. Computer hacking and child exploitation cases are among the agency's high priorities, but agents are concerned about people unwittingly allowing a global network of crooks into their homes.

"When you consider 80 percent of emails being sent are spam, a lot of that encompasses potential ploys and scams to get information about you and exploit your financial situation," said Michael Welch, of the FBI.

Morales never sent a box overseas. He turned them over to UPS and FedEx.

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