Map Service Tracks Sex Offenders

Indiana is among most states with listings of sex offenders posted online. While the information is very valuable, it is not particularly visual.

New technology from an Indiana-based company is giving parents a more visual way of tracking neighborhoods to keep kids away from homes where registered sex offenders live.

Carmel-based Family Watchdog is one of several new mapping services that use sex offender lists from states and technology from Google to build a mapped listing of offenders in neighborhoods.

The system superimposes the locations of registered sex offenders over a Google map. The maps are zoomable, allowing users to zero in on specific locations.

A search of downtown Indianapolis turned up 1,441 instances where registered sex offenders either live or work.

Family Watchdog breaks down the offender list by type of crime, including sexual battery, rape and offenses against children.

Family Watchdog is a free service.

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