Martin University Mistake Delays Financial Aid Refunds

Officials: University Submitted Incorrect Information To Federal Government

After months of waiting, Martin University students are finally getting their financial aid refund checks.

Martin University administrators issued the payments on Friday, nearly four months after students were told they would receive them.

Cedric Brown was among more than 100 students awaiting a refund. Brown said his refund totaled more than $4,000, and that he had depended on the money to pay some of his household bills.

"Basically everything has been cut off, including my lights and gas. My 10-year-old son asked me if we are going to have to move again,” Brown said.

In December, the university failed to submit correct financial information to the federal government, RTV6’s Rafael Sanchez reported.

Martin University said it provided letters explaining to landlords and utility companies the problem on behalf of the students.

But in a statement issued on Friday, the university said each student signed an agreement to use their financial aid for education.

“There has been no disruption to the education process for our students, which is the promise and purpose of the university,” the statement read.

Student Donna Atwater said her check dated for May 25 was given to her on June 1, and she’s considering transferring to another school because of the delay.

“I thought I was going to get my money in February,” Atwater said.

Once the federal government disperses financial aid, the university has 15 days to cut refund checks to students.

University officials said they are implementing new procedures to avoid another financial aid fiasco.

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