Mayor Gets Ticket, Makes His Own Parking Spot

Logansport Mayor Has New Spot Outside City Building

The mayor of Logansport has a new parking spot just days after his car was ticketed outside the City Building.

Mayor Ted Franklin received a $20 ticket Friday after his yellow Chevrolet Corvette was spotted with its front end sticking into a yellow no-parking zone, the Pharos-Tribune reported.

"The complainant refused to give their name, but they had received a ticket for the same offense and felt like the individual should receive a ticket," according to a police report.

On Monday, a large yellow parking space with a sign that reads "Mayor Parking Only" was discovered painted in an area previously reserved for police squad cars.

Franklin told the newspaper he paid the ticket Monday and said he believes the new parking space will allow him to get in and out of the building quicker.

"I'm just not going to play that game," Franklin told the newspaper.

The Pharos-Tribune reported that Franklin has been at odds with some members of the police department since shortly after he took office.

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