More Than 1,000 Reported Missing In Indiana

Spierer Case Highlights Plight Of Missing People

While the disappearance of Indiana University student Lauren Spierer has gotten a lot of attention for more than a week, police in Indiana are looking for more than 1,000 people who have vanished.

There are currently 1,031 criminal investigation cases in Indiana's database of missing persons. Unlike the Spierer case, Indiana State Police said most aren't believed to involve foul play. But that doesn't mean the person who is missing isn't in danger.

Morgan Johnson, 27, is one of those missing people. He was last seen in May leaving a Plainfield hotel. Johnson's mother said he was upset over the recent death of his grandfather.

There are currently 535 adults and 496 children listed as missing in Indiana.

"The majority of people are missing at their own volition. They do not want to be found," said ISP Sgt. Brian Olehy.

There are several online clearinghouses that post profiles and pictures of Hoosiers who have disappeared. Police prioritize their efforts toward finding people who they believe to be in danger.

"There is some reason to believe that the person who is missing is endangered because of circumstances in the evidence gathered or information that they passed along prior to or during the course of their going missing," Olehy said.

Police said that when it comes to solving cases, no two investigations are alike.

"Every case is, in and of itself, completely different. The circumstances and facts behind any case cannot be compared to any other case," Olehy said.

While some claim Spierer's case has gotten an inordinate amount of coverage, interest in the case remains very high.