Mother: Family Scarred By Shooting After Pit Bull Attack

Michael Haynes Jr., 41, Recovers From Shooting

A woman who witnessed an attack that nearly took her husband's life over the weekend told 6News on Wednesday that her family is blessed.

Michael Haynes Jr., 41, was shot in the chest three times as he tried to help a dog that was attacked by a pit bull on Tecumseh Street, on Indianapolis' east side.

The investigation continues and Haynes' condition is improving, but Michael's wife, Stacy, said she can't shake what she and her children saw on Sunday, 6News' Ray Cortopassi reported.

"They (police) have nothing -- no name, no idea, no anything," Stacy Haynes said.

With no leads, all Stacy can hope for is Michael's continued recovery. The horrible images she and her children saw during the attack are ingrained in their minds.

"I'm standing there. What do I do? Five screaming kids behind me -- what do I do?" Stacy Haynes said.

Haynes saw it all from the family's porch. A neighbor's wandering dog, named Chase, got into a scuffle with a leashed pit bull.

"He locked onto Chase's throat, and my kids are screaming, 'Daddy, daddy, help Chase,' Haynes said.

Michael Haynes grabbed a rolling pin and tried to get the pit bull off the mixed-breed dog. Stacy Haynes said the dog's owner did worse than nothing, giving the dog more leash and smiling.

"They guy's standing there, snickering," Stacy Haynes said.

While Stacy was on the phone with 911, she said the man drew a gun and fired at Michael, hitting him three times.

"At most, I thought the dog was going to turn from that dog and attack my husband," Haynes said.

One of the bullets hit Michael Haynes' right lung and broke a rib. Somehow, he survived and is expected to recover.

"He's truly another miracle that God's performed," Haynes said. "All the prayers everybody has said has worked for us."

Haynes said she believes her husband's strength and heart helped save him, but it will be some time before he can go back to his job moving furniture.

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