Mother Holds Out Hope 4 Years After Daughter's Disappearance

The family of Greenwood teen Brookley Louks has more questions than answers four years after her disappearance.

Feelings of pain and loss remain a daily fixture for Kim Louks, Brookley's mother.

"This is living torture. I mean, it's torture every second of every day of every week, and it doesn't go away," Louks said.

Four years ago, Brookley vanished from her home. The main suspect in the case, Joseph Nowicki, died in 2003. Before his death, Nowicki told police Brookley met with ill-fate, but refused to tell them where she was, 6News' Jennifer Carmack reported.

"There is someone out there that knows something. I know that people know things," Louks said.

With no breaks in the case for years, the FBI became involved with the case last month.

"They have different equipment, different specialists, different detectives, a different set of eyes," Louks said.

Many people have urged Louks to make a death declaration and hold a memorial service for her daughter, but it's something she just isn't ready for.

"I know the probability that Brookley is gone is 99.9 percent, but until I have Brookley home, I don't know that she is dead,” Louks said. "If she is not dead, then she's probably going through hell and I can't deal with that."

Investigators asked anyone with information about the case to call Greenwood police at 317-882-9191.

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