Mother: Teacher Knowingly Gave Allergic Son Peanuts

Teacher Claims She Never Meant To Harm Boy

The mother of a 7-year-old boy with autism and a severe peanut allergy has filed a lawsuit claiming a teacher tossed her son a peanut-filled Mr. Goodbar candy bar in hopes of sickening him and keeping him from going on a zoo field trip.

The boy didn't eat the candy bar, but Anita Young said her son suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his teacher, and filed a lawsuit in Marion County against her son's Indianapolis school.

Young also wants criminal charges filed against teacher Trinda Barocas.

Barocas has denied doing anything to prevent the child from attending the trip or harming any children. She resigned from Mary Bryan Elementary School in Indianapolis.

The school contacted Young in March after aides reported Barocas' behavior.

Barocas doesn't have a listed phone number. Her lawyer didn't return a call Friday. Barocas has told state officials that the allegations are false.