Mysterious Lights, Boom Baffle Residents, Authorities

Bright Lights, Loud Boom Reported In 2 Indiana Counties

Strange sights and sounds filled the nighttime sky in Howard and Tipton counties late Wednesday night, leaving residents and authorities wondering what they had seen and heard.

Reports of lights in the sky, crashes and vibrations on the ground baffled residents, who began calling authorities right after the rumblings at about 10:30 p.m.

Calls flooded dispatch centers and 6News from people concerned that what they had seen and heard might have been a crashing plane, a meteorite or something else.

Many said the light display was followed by an explosion -- a boom that shook their homes. A slight metallic smell was reported in Kokomo shortly after the incident.

Crews scoured a field near U.S. 31 and County Road 300 North in Tipton County, but found nothing, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.

"I had heard the boom. It kind of woke me up," said veterinarian Dr. Jack Hughes. "It was louder than anything I'd heard before. You would think a sonic boom from a jet, or something like that. This was big."

Hughes' clinic is near the area crews searched for any sign of debris. Indiana State Police and local sheriff's departments dispatched at least 50 emergency responders to the scene.

"We had civilians report things falling from the sky, almost consistent with something like flares or sparks," said ISP Sgt. Jeremy Kelly. "Also, very consistent with a meteor shower. If we had to guess what it was, that's what we would say."

David McDonald said he was startled by what he thought was someone shooting a gun behind his house.

"It was totally eerie. What could make that kind of a noise and justify that kind of a response?" McDonald said.

The Federal Aviation Administration said early Thursday that there were no reports of missing planes. No debris was found.