Mystery Permeates Week-Long Spierer Search

Few New Clues In Search For Missing IU Student

The search for missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer is now a week old, with not much new known about the investigation and with volunteer searchers vowing to trudge ahead.

It was last Friday morning that Spierer, 20, was last seen as she walked from the apartment of a friend toward her Smallwood Plaza apartment.

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A cadre of law enforcement agencies, led by Bloomington police, have been following hundreds of tips and leads, questioning persons of interest and poring over surveillance video in hopes of finding clues about Spierer's disappearance.

Spierer was last seen just before 4:30 a.m. on June 3 after a night of drinking that included a stint at a bar, where police said she left her shoes and cellphone.

Several of the people who Spierer was with before her disappearance have been questioned, some repeatedly, including polygraph tests.

One of the few new nuggets of information Thursday surrounded an altercation at Smallwood Plaza that involved at least one person associated with Spierer in the hours before she was last seen.

Spierer was seen on surveillance video walking with Corey Rossman, who had been involved in an altercation, to his apartment.

Rossman's attorney, former Monroe County Prosecutor Carl Salzmann, said his client has no recollection of the fight, or events after that.

"There's been some significant details that the police were aware of recently, some things that I found out, some things that they've been told," Salzmann said. "I'm sure that they're going to follow that up, and I'm sure all the people involved are cooperating as best they can."

Police said Thursday that they are considering releasing surveillance video of Spierer walking on the morning of her disappearance, hoping it might spur more tips.

Spierer's family and friends have set up a website to assist with search efforts. There is also an active group on Facebook involved in the search for Spierer.

Police asked anyone with information to call 812-339-4477.