New Bare-All Drug Testing Policy Angers Some

Probationers Will Be Required To Drop Pants, Lift Shirts

Some are questioning a new policy requiring those on probation to bare all during mandatory drug tests.

Global Drug Testing Labs, the provider hired by the Marion County Probation Division to perform the screenings, has notified nearly 20,000 people of the new policy, which begins Tuesday.

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Both men and women will now be required to lower their pants below their knees and lift their shirts to ensure they are not attempting to falsify a urine test, 6News' Jack Rinehart reported.

The company declined to comment on the change in policy, but some who will be subject to the tests said they aren't pleased.

"I think that's pretty messed up. You get in a little trouble and do a crime and you got to be humiliated," one probationer said.

"I shouldn't have to show all of my business because someone is trying to cheat," said a woman who asked not to be identified. "Not everyone in the world is a cheater."

But skirting drug tests has become a huge industry across the country.

A shop on Indianapolis' north side sells kits that come with a Velcro belt, rubber tubing, a baggy full of synthetic urine, a heating pad to bring the mixture up to body temperature and a thermometer.

Even at $50 a kit, one employee said the synthetic urine kit is by far the mostly widely sold item in the store.

Global Drug Testing Labs performs more than 100,000 drug tests a year in Marion County.