New Herbicide Harmful To Neighborhood Trees, Some Say

Imprelis Has Damaging Side Effects, Homeowners Say

A new lawn care product used to kill weeds could also be harmful to trees.

Hoosiers complained to lawn care professionals on Tuesday about the herbicide Imprelis, and the damage it caused, 6News' Chance Walser reported.

Weedbusters Lawn Care admitted to using Imprelis on area lawns. Owner Jay Nalker said he bought several gallons, and chemical manufacturer DuPont never mentioned its negative effects.

"I just heard about this (Monday), and it is a problem. As far as I know from what I've heard from DuPont, they're going to stand behind it," Nalker said.

A DuPont representative said over 400 tests were ran on Imprelis before the product was launched.

"The DuPont turf development team is investigating some reports related to symptoms observed on White Pines and Norway Spruces. We are trying to better understand the circumstances and whether these symptoms are related to applications of Imprelis herbicide," the DuPont representative said.

Meanwhile, Weedbusters Lawn Care has opted to stop using Imprelis.