New Indianapolis Parking Meter Limits Expanded

4-Hour Parking Allowed In Evenings

Indianapolis motorists will soon be able to pay in advance for four-hour time blocks during the evening instead of the previous two-hour limit, Mayor Greg Ballard said Thursday.

The mayor requested that ParkIndy change the time limit to accommodate people who visit the city's entertainment and shopping attractions.

Motorists will be able to buy four-hour time blocks in a parking spot after 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

"This arrangement will allow residents and visitors to Indianapolis to enjoy … events in the evening that keep them away from their cars longer than two hours," Ballard said in a news release.

The change only affects areas where new parking meters have been rolled out.

Parking costs have increased from 75 cents to $1 an hour.

Last year, the city approved outside contractors to manage the meters in exchange for a 50-year contract worth $620 million.