New Records Released In Carmel Assaults Investigation

School Releases Tort Claim Letter, E-Mails

New documents were released on Friday detailing Carmel Clay School's response to accusations of suspected assaults involving four former senior basketball players.

Robert Kitzinger, 19, Brandon Hoge, 18, Oscar Falodun, 18, and Scott Laskowski, 19, were charged this week in connection with assaults in a Carmel High School locker room. Kitzinger and Hoge also face charges in an incident aboard a team bus that was returning from a boy's basketball game in Terre Haute on the night of Jan. 22.

Kitzinger, Hoge and Falodun face misdemeanor charges battery and criminal recklessness. Laskowski was charged with criminal recklessness.

Carmel Clay Schools attorney David Day released a host of documents to the media on Friday, including e-mails, documents and correspondence between administrators, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

The documents also included the tort claim notice filed by the family of a 14-year-old former freshman player, whose attorney told 6News that the boy was held down, stripped of his clothes and anally penetrated by the four then-seniors.

The tort claim seeks $2.25 million in damages, although no lawsuit has been filed. Much of the contents of the letter had been redacted.

"Based upon the initial investigation, there exists a lengthy history of sexual abuse and bullying by students in the Carmel Clay School District," wrote attorney Robert Turner. "There is no protection provided for younger student players from older student players."

Prosecutors said earlier this week that police were able to recover images from the school bus video in the Jan. 22 incident, but Day said the school does not have that material to release.

E-mails from frustrated community members and alumni comprise a significant portion of the records, along with communication within the administration.

"I am truly embarrassed to call myself a Greyhound today. Shame on all involved in this," one alumnus wrote.

A district information services employee e-mailed the superintendent's secretary to ask if a news release should be included on the district's website, but the secretary responded "not at this moment" on Feb. 18.

A March 1 e-mail indicates school officials and board members discussed holding an executive session concerning actions regarding staff members who may have known about the incidents.

Three adult coaches were not charged in connection with the bus assault, but Carmel school officials said they would not be back with the team and that head basketball coach Mark Galloway resigned, changes announced this week.

Kitzinger, Hoge, Falodun and Laskowski -- all former senior basketball players -- were expelled from school in February.