Nude Diners Shock Drive-Thru Workers

Police Question 4 Occupants

Drive-thru workers in Franklin got quite the shock when four customers pulled up without any clothes on, police said.

The group ordered food at about 11 p.m. Friday at the Wendy's restaurant on U.S. 31, but when the car pulled up to the window, workers noticed that all four people inside were nude, the Daily Journal reported.

Wendy's workers flagged down a police officer and showed him where the car was parked nearby.

The two men and two women, all in their 20s and from the Lafayette area, told police they were playing a game that involves spotting cars with only one headlight and removing items of clothing.

Police said the driver asked if it was illegal to be in a car naked.

When the officer administered portable Breathalyzer tests, all four people tested at less than 0.03 percent, and the driver tested less than 0.01 percent, police said.

The group was released after being warned by police.

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