Officer Demoted After Bisard Crash Earns Promotion

Lt. Ron Hicks Singled Out In Bisard Report

An Indianapolis police officer demoted in the wake of the crash involving Officer David Bisard in which a motorcyclist was killed and two more were injured has been promoted.

Former Deputy Chief of Operations Ron Hicks, who was demoted to lieutenant after the bungled investigation, was promoted to the rank of captain during a ceremony at the Central Library downtown Wednesday.

Hicks, Lt. Darryl Pierce and Lt. John Conley were singled out in an internal review into the investigation of the crash as failing to handle the crash scene as a crime scene, resulting in the loss of valuable evidence.

Bisard was accused of driving drunk while on duty, but a blood draw had to be thrown out because of procedural errors.

The internal report showed Bisard was allowed to collect personal items from the crash vehicle without supervision.

Testifying before the City-County Council earlier this month, Pierce said he and Hicks “did not see this taking place and knew nothing of Bisard removing property from his car until it became a so-called issue a week later."

Department officials said the promotions were the result of a written test taken before the Bisard crash.