Officer Seriously Injured In Dragging

Police Arrest Driver After Traffic Stop

A Beech Grove police officer was released from a hospital late Thursday afternoon after being dragged nearly 2,000 feet by a motorist he had pulled over, police said.

Lt. Scott Ferrer had pulled over Matthew Thomas, 28, at Stop 11 Road and McFarland Lane at about 12:35 p.m.

At some point during the stop, Ferrer reached into the vehicle and was grabbed by Thomas, police said. Thomas then sped away, as the officer held on to the side of the car.

"Not only was he dragging the officer, but he was going at a high rate of speed," said Indianapolis Metro Police Lt. Jeffery Duhamell. "He was weaving in and out of traffic as to knock off the officer to the point where he went into the median, knocking over a tree and some signs trying to hit the officer against the sign."

Ferrer was eventually flung over the hood of the car and tossed onto the road after being dragged about 1,800 feet, police said.

Another driver pulled in front of the vehicle at Stop 11 Road and Madison Avenue, about a third of a mile from where the incident began, to stop the motorist from continuing to drive, police said.

Ferrer, an 11-year veteran with Beech Grove police, was taken to Methodist Hospital in serious but stable condition. He was treated and release late Thursday afternoon.

Matthew Thomas

Thomas was arrested and transported to the Marion County Jail. Police said he was driving with a suspended license and was believed to be on probation for robbery from another state.

Thomas faces multiple charges that may include attempted murder.