Officials: Child Rescued From Icy Pond

6-Year-Old Boy Rushed To Riley Hospital For Children

A 6-year-old boy was pulled from an ice-covered pond in Brown County on Sunday, police said.

Brown County SheriffÂ’s deputies said they received a 911 call from a residence on reports that a child had fallen through an icy pond near Spiker Cemetery Road and Valley Branch Road in Nashville.

First responders attempted to find the child, later identified as Trevor Wayne Young, but were unsuccessful, RTV6's Eboné Monet reported.

Indiana conservation divers recovered Young at 3:45 p.m., and officials said he had been under water for nearly an hour.

Young was rushed to Columbus Regional Hospital and later Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, where DNR officials said he was in very critical condition late Sunday.

DNR and fire officials said the incident serves as a reminder that it is not safe on an icy pond.

Fire officials in Wayne Township trained for similar winter water rescues on Sunday.

Division Chief Michael Pruitt said his team uses special gear to prepare for icy water rescues.

"Most of the time, it's an individual that just either walked out on the ice, or maybe it's some ice skaters or some kids playing on the ice," Pruitt said.

Experts said ice has to be at least 4 inches thick to support the average person's body weight.

"Time is of the essence and when we get these calls they put a knot in our stomach immediately because we know that we have to rapidly get there as quick as we can and deploy our rescuers," Pruitt said.

When animals or people fall into the ice, the likelihood of drowning increases because of hypothermia, which can set in very quickly.

Officials advised parents to keep a close eye on children and pets to prevent winter water accidents.

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