Officials: Greensburg Child Death Crime Scene 'Horrific'

12-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death

The Greensburg crime scene where a 12-year-old boy was beaten to death was so disturbing, social workers assigned to the case were asked to stay away, officials said.

Police said Devin Parsons was fatally beaten by his mother, Tasha Parsons, last week. Investigators said the motive behind the beating was because Devin hid his mother's pain pills.

Authorities said the family had a history of physical abuse. Department of Child Services Director James Payne said the family had a file dating back to the last two years and that the scene was unimaginable.

"It's so horrific because it's so unusual," Payne said. "We are aware of the circumstances, and when I read and heard about it, I can't imagine the horror that happened in that house."

Police said Tasha Parsons' boyfriend, Waldo Jones, watched a brutal beating that lasted for hours, 6News' Rick Hightower reported.

Jeannie Welsh, Tasha's mother, said she called DCS on her daughter because she knew her grandson was suffering.

"He'd come down here a couple times with a black eye. He'd come down here with marks on him. He would back up, and he wouldn't tell me what happened and he would mostly say that it was his little brother and little sister," Welsh said. "Waldo put (Devin) in a cold shower in nothing but a pair of jeans and made him stand for hours. Every time he would move, they would hit him."

Welsh said she wishes she had done more.

"When your kids talk, listen. They're telling you something that you need to know, whether you want to hear it or not," Welsh said.

Payne said children in abusive homes are sometimes afraid to ask for help and often reach out to relatives who live outside the home.

"Family has to be willing to step up and be counted when they're aware there are difficulties to really, really aggressively pursue safety for that child," Payne said.