Officials: Guards Released Jailhouse Tattoo Photo To Blog

Officials released new information Thursday about the origin of a jailhouse tattoo on the forehead of the man convicted of killing Katie Collman, 10.

Wabash Valley Correctional Facility officials said they think another inmate scrawled the words "Katie's Revenge" across 39-year-old Anthony Stockelman's forehead.

Two guards have also been fired. Officials think they leaked the picture of Stockelman's tattoo to a blog site in Lima, Ohio.

Stockelman was put in protective custody after authorities discovered the tattoo.

Stockelman is serving life in prison for molesting and killing Collman. The Crothersville girl's body was found in a creek in January 2005.

The blogger, a mother of three, told The Associated Press that she received the photograph in an e-mail Saturday. The accompanying text said the picture was of Stockelman and that the tattoo had been given to him against his will while prison officials were moving inmates in the cell block.

She said the e-mail also claimed a distant relative of Katie's who also is incarcerated at the prison about 30 miles south of Terre Haute had had given Stockelman the tattoo. She said it was not clear how many were involved in the assault.

The woman, who uses the name Lilo, declined to give her full name, saying she has received repeated threats from those she writes about on her blog.

Tattoos are against state prison regulations, but inmates often fashion crude tattoo instruments with plastic utensils and needles.

Anthony Stockelman

Prison officials would not confirm the account of how Stockelman was tattooed but said an inmate has been identified as a suspect in the assault.

Two prison guards also have been fired for making "unauthorized copies of an evidence photo," Larsen said. The Associated Press left telephone messages seeking comment for the guards, Robert Woods and Teresa Seifert Siders.

The tattoo is the latest twist in a case that prompted a worldwide outpouring for Katie.

Investigators interviewed Stockelman soon after Katie disappeared because he matched the description of a man seen with her that day. Police dismissed him as a suspect when a lie-detector test was inconclusive and another man confessed.

Charles "Chuckie" Hickman, a 20-year-old Crothersville resident, confessed to having been involved in the girl's death. Hickman told police he killed the girl after she discovered a methamphetamine operation.

Police and prosecutors later dismissed Hickman's confession as false after Indiana State Police linked Stockelman to Katie's death through DNA evidence. They have never said why Hickman confessed to a crime he did not commit.

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