Officials: Lingering Election Problems Not Caused By Voting Vendor

Some of Marion County's votes in the May 2 primary election will have to be counted by hand, but election officials say it is not the fault of voting system vendor Election Systems and Software.

Election workers finished testing the tabulation equipment Tuesday morning. It counted all sample ballots accurately, except those for the Washington and Decatur Township school board races.

Election officials said the school board ballots in those townships are so complicated that the software is unable to handle them, 6News' Norman Cox reported.

"The voter will know no difference when they walk into the polls. They'll still vote on the same ballot. It will be fed into the machine. The machine will count and tabulate all of the other races on those ballots," said Marion County Clerk Doris Anne Sadler. "The difference will come at the close of the polls. The poll workers will have to actually take the ballots out and hand-count that race only."

Tuesday's tests were delayed when a power outage shut down all electricity to the warehouse.

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