Outlaws Enforcer To Stay Jailed Prior To Trial

Most Of Other 42 Detainees Released

The so-called enforcer of the Outlaws motorcycle gang will stay in jail.

A federal magistrate denied Joshua Bowser's request to be released while awaiting trial.

Bowser is one of 42 gang members who were arrested in a raid last week.

During the course of the investigation leading up to the raid, the FBI tapped eight telephones and intercepted 14,000 calls and text messages.

In one of the messages, Bowser allegedly told an undercover FBI agent, who was posing as someone who owed money to the gang, that he made people disappear.

Prosecutors didn't have to introduce those recordings, because the judge ruled that there was sufficient reason already for Bowser to be detained.

"He was the enforcer of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and that speaks for itself," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Brad Blackington. "We believe if he's not the most dangerous, he's one of the most dangerous people we indicted in this case."

The many faces of the Outlaws are charged with 37 federal charges, ranging from mail fraud to money laundering and drug trafficking.

The judge allowed most of those charged to be released.

James Bain was granted release this afternoon, but prosecutors objected, and the judge stayed her order, pending an appeal hearing in 24 hours.

A jury trial is set for Sept. 10, but with a case this complex with so many defendants, it's unlikely to go to trial for 12 to 14 months.

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