Painter Is Horse, Of Course

1,500-Pound Horse Paints With Mouth

There have been artists that sport a majestic mane and have a commanding presence -- but usually they aren't four-legged.

Justin, a 9-year-old, 1,500-pound horse, doesn't let his art dominate his life. He still does what horses do.

This artist gig took root when he took the whip out of his owner Adonna Combs' hand and started drawing in the sand. She took note and envisioned a painter.

With a brush in his mouth, Justin attacks the canvas with acrylic, non-toxic paint, with determination and vision. But he relies on carrots for incentive and inspiration.

Combs said he goes through 5 pounds of carrots to complete one painting. His work is abstract and original.

"A lot of us are so caught up in reality and making things look like things. For him, he's not worried with that; there are no rules in his world," Combs said. "He's free to do whatever he wants to do and express himself with the assistance of colors."

Justin can create on the studio floor, or he can work his magic on the easel. His work impressed Susan Egbert so much that she purchased a piece entitled "Freedom," and proudly displays it in her family room.

"When I found out Justin was painting and saw him do his work, I was amazed at his dexterity and how he could do that himself," Egbert said. "And I can't do a stick figure."

Justin might be aware of his talent -- he's painted a self -portrait. Whenever he completes a work of art, he autographs it. Combs puts paint on his shoe, and he does the rest.

All of Justin's artwork is for sale. To purchasing one of Justin's paintings or to commission a painting, visit his website.

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