People Want Developer To Buy Back Mold-Plagued Homes

Company Agrees To Let Attorney General Monitor Complaint Process

Some homeowners are demanding to be included in a Trinity Homes buyback offer, saying the homebuilder's attempts to fix their mold problems have not succeeded.

Trinity offered to buy back 68 homes that it built in Zionsville, citing mold concerns. So far, the company has purchased 20 of the homes at $200,000 to $300,000 apiece, Call 6 for Help's Rafael Sanchez reported Tuesday.

But other homes -- instead of being included in the buyback offers -- were identified by Trinity as structures that could be fixed. Trinity attempted to make repairs, but at least six homeowners in the Britanny Chase subdivision say the fixes have not worked.

"We're all extremely frustrated because Trinity has now recognized that their experiment at trying to remediate our house has failed miserably," homeowner Scott Alexander said. "So they're buying out the other homes in the subdivision, but then they leaving ... the people who have been 'remediated' behind."

Trinity twice removed bricks from Alexander's home because water managed to seep in and create mold, Sanchez reported.

Trinity President Cliff White said his company is working on the problem.

"If there is an issue, we provided a warranty, and we will go ahead and repair that," he said.

Trinity doesn't plan on extending the buyback program because it believes it can fix the problem at the other homes, Sanchez reported.

On Tuesday, lawyers for Trinity agreed to let the Indiana attorney general's office monitor the complaint process.

The attorney general's office will act as a mediator if needed, Sanchez reported.

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