Personal Info Found Dumped Outside School

Pay Stubs Were From Broad Ripple Restaurant

The state is investigating after a box full of personal information was found dumped in a trash bin near a downtown school.

The Indianapolis Christian School at 620 E. 10th St. has been paying a higher trash bill because people have been using its Dumpster, 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

In an effort to catch the culprits, school administrators said they occasionally check for any identifiable information left in the trash.

A recent search turned up a box of payroll stubs from the Thai Cafe in Broad Ripple.

"We were just shocked," said school administrator Betty Speight. "I was just amazed because I shred everything, anything with a person's birth date, Social Security number, addresses."

The stubs, from the year 2000, had been in the possession of Richard Fischer, whose ex-wife owns the restaurant, but he said he paid someone to dispose of the personal information properly.

Fischer stopped by the school to apologize to administrators for the illegal dumping.

The Indiana Attorney General's Identity Theft Unit sent someone to retrieve the box.

Officials couldn't comment on the case, but they were clear about how to dispose personal information.

"When you don't need it any longer, then you need to dispose of it properly, which means it either needs to be encrypted or it needs to be shredded, otherwise unidentifiable in terms of the personal information that's contained in it," said Deputy Attorney General Abby Kuzma. "You can't just throw it in a Dumpster."

Those who mishandle personal information could be subject to a $150,000 fine.