Pizza Shops To Reopen After Franchisee Didn't Pay Taxes

Old Domino's Owner Owed More Than $400,000, State Says

Several pizza shops that were shut down after the state accused the franchise owner of not paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales tax to the state will reopen.

Three Domino’s pizza shops in Hamilton County shut down last month after records indicated they owed more than $400,000 in sales tax.

A representative of Domino’s corporate office said a new owner purchased the stores in question and is prepared to open them again, 6News' Kara Kenney reported.

By law, the Department of Revenue couldn't tell 6News whether the former owner, S&L Pizza, paid any of the owed money.

Businesses collect 7 percent sales tax from customers and are supposed to remit it to the state to be used for various things, such as K-12 education, Medicaid, corrections and teacher pensions.