Police Make Second Arrest After 2 Drivers Strike Woman

Muncie police have made a second arrest following a hit-and-run crash that killed pedestrian Jamie Beaty, 23.

Investigators said Beaty was killed Sunday morning when she was struck by two vehicles as she walked with a friend along Kilgore Avenue.

According to investigators, Stephen Brinkley, 22, called authorities to say he was in the area at the time of the accident. Investigators said they believe Brinkley was the first of two drivers to strike Beaty.

Brinkley was arrested at his home in Anderson on Monday and was being held in the Delaware County Jail, officials said.

Another driver, Kevin Barton 43, was arrested after police said he hit Beaty with his pickup truck. Investigators said Barton was the second driver to hit the woman.

Barton is a senior manager for Muncie's city bus service. Investigators are not sure which strike killed Beaty, a mother of two.

Authorities said Beaty and a friend were walking home from a party when Beatty accidentally stepped into traffic and was hit by a car. The car did not stop, police said.

Two witnesses told police that the pickup's driver stopped and saw that he had hit someone, but he then drove away.

The witnesses recorded the pickup's license plate number and gave it to police, who tracked the number to Barton, 6News' Jeremy Brilliant reported.

"I'm confident that he was at the scene. Both witnesses (were) able to ID the truck," Muncie police Sgt. Bradley Arey said.

Jamie Beaty

Police said Barton was off-duty when he struck Beaty. Police said he failed a field sobriety test when they found him.

Barton faces a felony charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. If he is convicted, he would lose his job, Brilliant reported.

Anna Waymire, Beaty's aunt, had harsh words for the driver of the pickup truck.

"He don't deserve to breathe the air we breathe. That's my opinion," Waymire said. "He could have at least stayed, at least heard the last words she had to say."

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