Police: Man Killed Father, Helped Mom Kill Herself

Man Says He, Father Made Plans For Deaths

A man was arrested Wednesday on charges of murder and assisting suicide in the deaths of his father and mother.

The Randolph County Sheriff's Department said Brian Scott Hartman, 33, of Williamsburg, fatally shot his father, Brian Ellis Hartman, and then provided an overdose of prescription pills to his mother, Cheri Hartman, 54, so that she could kill herself.

Brian Scott Hartman told police that he and his father had devised a plan in which he would fatally shoot his father in his sleep before giving pills to his mother, who had been chronically ill.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Brian Scott Hartman called for medical help on Feb. 12, telling emergency responders that his mother wasn't breathing. She died that same day.

When Brian Ellis Hartman didn't show up for his wife's funeral, family members became suspicious and filed a missing persons report.

"Brian Scott Hartman had told authorities that his father had left shortly before his mother had died," police said in the probable cause affidavit. "According to family members … Hartman gave several different accounts of where his father had gone."

The body of Brian Ellis Hartman was found on Tuesday when deputies searched his home.

Brian Scott Hartman was already jailed in connection with a burglary that happened over the weekend.