Police: Man Used Shoe Camera To Spy Up Skirts

Officer Uses Taser On Man At Castleton Mall

A Fort Wayne man is facing charges of voyeurism and child exploitation after he used an elaborate camera system to spy up skirts at an Indianapolis mall, police said.

David Delagrange, 40, was spotted at Castleton Mall Saturday night getting very close to women and girls wearing dresses and sliding his right foot under their skirts, said Sgt. Matthew Mount.

When an Indianapolis officer working part-time at the mall approached Delagrange, he fought back, nearly striking the officer, police said.

The officer used his Taser to subdue Delagrange, Mount said.

Police said they found a very sophisticated camera and audio recording system built into Delagrange's clothes, with a camera on his shoe and the system’s controls in his pockets.

"Here you've got an individual whose come up with a way to assault their dignity and to violate their privacy," Mount said. "To think that there are people out there who go to those kinds of extremes. These individuals need to be off the streets."

Mount said one of the victims at Castleton Mall is believed to be a juvenile.

Delagrange was arrested and preliminarily charged with voyeurism, child exploitation and resisting law enforcement.

Police asked that any woman or girl who was at Castleton Mall on Saturday between 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. wearing a dress or skirt look at Delagrange's mug shot. If someone remembers him standing near them, they are asked to call Det. Michael Schollmeir at 317-327-6137 to help determine if they may have also been a victim.