Police: Men Gave Boy Money For Sexual Encounters

Teen Contacted On Social Site, Police Say

Two men were arrested after they gave a 14-year-old boy money to have sex with them, Indianapolis police said.

Walter Humphrey-Covington, 47, was charged with five counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, and Dustin Laurent, 27, faces three counts of the same charge, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.

According to court documents, the victim was a student at Arlington High School and met Humphrey-Covington and Laurent on an Internet social chat site called urbanchat.com. The encounters happened in the summer of last year, police said.

Officials said Humphrey-Covington's user ID on the site said, "If you a boy, I do pay, dollars."

"Mom actually called the police. She was told by the child's friend that this was going on," said Kendale Adams, Indianapolis police public information officer. "The friend thought it wasn't right, told mom."

Police said the first sexual encounter began just a few blocks from the school after Humphrey-Covington picked up the boy from there.

The boy was taken to a building at Westbury Court Apartments, where he was given $100 after having sex with the two men, police said.

"I have two little boys. That does not make me very happy at all," said neighbor Nicole Clardy.

Police searched an apartment, taking cellphones, computers and video cameras. Investigators said one of the cameras was mounted and pointed at a bed.

The victim was taken to other areas to perform sexual acts, police said, including an industrial complex on the city's northwest side.

"Parents have to know what their children are doing on these social websites," Adams said. "A lot of times, children are connecting with people who they have no idea what their intentions are."

Police are trying to determine if there are more boys who were involved.