Police: Parent Bites Cops At Youth Football Game

DeJuan Wells Faces Several Charges

An Indianapolis man was arrested on Saturday after causing a disturbance at his son's pee-wee league football game, police said.

Indianapolis police said DeJuan Wells, 27, bit two off-duty police officers, one female and one male, while they were trying to take him into custody.

"He wouldn't let go," the female officer said.

Investigators said both officers asked that their identities be withheld.

"You can still see teeth marks," one IMPD investigator said.

Witnesses said the young football players, who were learning the fundamentals of good sportsmanship, got a bad dose of the game as they watched the incident unfold on the field in Franklin Township, 6News' Rick Hightower reported.

Both of the officers, who are engaged to each other, were at the pee-wee matchup to watch their son play football.

The officers said when Wells became upset over a call toward the end of the game, he started yelling, swearing and storming toward the referees.

The officers said they were trying to be supportive parents and that Wells became violent after being told to leave the field, police said.

The undercover officers said they had to think quickly to gain control of the situation.

"I don't have a vest. I don't have my gun belt, which has handcuffs, extra ammunition, a Taser. I don't have any of my equipment," the male undercover officer said.

"He actually got both of my fingers in his mouth at the same time, so I was able to get those away pretty quickly after he had bitten me," said the female undercover officer.

"At first, I didn't even feel it. I was fixated on the actual fight itself, and it wasn't until I actually tried to move my arm that I could feel his teeth in my skin," the male officer said.

Both officers had to have tetanus and hepatitis-B vaccination shots, and were given antibiotics.

Tyre Shelton, the league commissioner, said Wells had been a helpful parent in the past.

"He's been here with baseball and football leagues last year. He was even one of our football coaches who helped out with one of the flag teams,” Shelton said.

Shelton also said that Wells’ actions were not a good example for the young football players.

"Put yourself in your child's position; what he sees is how he's going to act," Shelton said.

"It's just a game. They're just children. There's no child in first or second grade that's going to sign an NFL contract," the undercover officer said.

Wells faces numerous charges, including battery on a police officer by bodily waste and resisting arrest.

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