Police Question Man With Bomb-Making Pamphlets

Bomb Squad Checks Bag Outside Police Building

The bomb squad was called to a downtown police substation Tuesday night after a man who was carrying anti-American materials left a bag by the building, police said.

Sgt. Paul Thompson said Richard Dallaly, 47, put a book bag by the downtown roll call center at 25 W. 9th St. just after 8 p.m., telling officers that he was praying, and that he didn't like America.

When officers searched Dallaly, they found bomb-making pamphlets and anti-American materials, Thompson said.

"While that in and of itself is not illegal, the circumstances were sufficient to enough that we thought it was necessary to investigate further," he said.

Police shut down traffic for a block in each direction and the bomb squad was called in.

Thompson said a robot used to further inspect the book bag, but found no bomb or bomb-making materials inside.

"He had instructions on how to make a bomb, according to the officer who looked at the papers," Thompson said.

The incident was resolved within 2½ hours. Dallaly was not arrested.