Police: Woman Admits Making False Rape Claim

Suspect Arrested, Bonded Out Of Jail

A Kokomo woman was arrested this week for allegedly reporting a false rape.

Billie Jo Eads

Billie Jo Eads, 25, is charged with false informing, a class B misdemeanor.

Police said Eads claimed that on Sept. 5. she was walking home after getting into a fight with her husband at a party and was raped by a stranger who offered her a ride.

"An investigation was initiated at that point, which included medical tests on the alleged victim," Kokomo police Lt. Donald Whitehead said.

Police said a number of red flags were raised during the investigation and that Eads eventually admitted that she fabricated the story.

A warrant was issued for Eads' arrest on Oct. 1, but she was not arrested until Wednesday, during a routine traffic stop.

"As often as we can, we will arrest people for making us jump through a bunch of hoops for no reason," Whitehead said. "If anything, we want to put this out to let people know there are consequences for this type of behavior."

Eads posted bond and was released from jail the same day, officials said.

If convicted, she could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

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