City leaders 'rise above,' cross aisle to support public education at Monumental Mile

Councilman Miller: 'We've got to care'

INDIANAPOLIS - Two political leaders in Indianapolis are not only lacing up, but they're also teaming up in the race for better education options in central Indiana.

City-County Council President Maggie Lewis and Councilor Jeff Miller are used to running for office, but on Thursday they'll be in a different kind of race: the Monumental Mile, which raises money to help public schools.

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"Both of us are advocates, fans of quality education, we both enjoy running and being fit," Lewis said. "Why not combine the two?"

Miller added: "There may be different motivations at times for why to do this, but the ultimate end is, it's for the kids. I think people can rise above on this topic. "

Lewis is a Democrat, and Miller is a Republican, but while they are on different sides of the aisle at the City-County Building, they say this mission crosses party lines.

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"It's just so important to the future of our country for our kids to have a good quality education, the whole way through," Miller said.

Lewis expressed similar ideals.

"For me, it's about quality education. I don't feel like education is about politics; it's about advocating for our children," she said. "I just truly believe we can work together on education."

Miller has been running for 19 years, while Lewis has been a runner for about a year. This is the second time they've teamed up for a Monumental cause.

"Councilman Miller is actually a coach and has been teaching me how to pace myself, so (there's) no competition at all," Lewis said.

Miller said events like the Monumental Mile help remind people what's at stake with public education.

"Running for this reason is very important, to just promote education and remind people we all have a role in it even if you don't have kids," he said. "Even if you're never going to have kids, still the kids are going to be the ones who will be running this country in another generation. So we've got to care. We've got to care."

Lewis and Miller aren't just participating as political figures, but also as parents. They both have school-aged children of their own.

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