Daniels Puts LiTEBOX On 'Oops List'

Governor Says Company Endorsement On List Of Mistakes

Gov. Mitch Daniels said Thursday his early endorsement of a company that makes mobile LED screens is on a list of mistakes he keeps in his office.

Daniels looked over his "Oops List" and picked the LiTEBOX deal from there while talking with a small group of reporters in his Statehouse office Thursday morning.

The company created by Bob Yanagihara would receive economic development aid to build massive screens rising out of tractor-trailers if it delivers promised jobs.

Daniels and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard touted LiTEBOX's plans to bring 1,200 jobs to central Indiana in an October news conference.

But news reports later uncovered Yanagihara's financial troubles in California and serious questions about his Indiana business plan.

Daniels said that in retrospect he would have waited before endorsing the company.

LiTEBOX promised to bring up to 1,100 new jobs to Indianapolis with a proposed factory on the city's northwest side.

Yanagihara told RTV6 in November that the factory will need 900 workers covering three shifts to build large mobile video screens to be sold for $3 million per unit.

LiTEBOX was offered $11 million in city and state tax abatement and training grants, but the deal is structured so that LiTEBOX doesn't get the incentives if it doesn't follow through on its job plans.

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