Governor Eric Holcomb stands by his call for AG Curtis Hill to resign

Hill continues to reject calls for resignation
Posted: 7:11 PM, Jul 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-14 00:01:32Z
Holcomb stands by call for AG Hill to resign
Holcomb stands by call for AG Hill to resign

INDIANAPOLIS — Governor Eric Holcomb says he believes the four women who have accused Attorney General Curtis Hill of sexual harassment; that's why he is standing by his call for Hill to resign.

Hill is rejecting that call and maintaining that he did nothing wrong. In a statement yesterday, Hill alleged the stories of the four women accusing him of sexual harassment, including one state representative, are "coordinated."

Hill also stated that the integrity of the investigation is compromised.

Holcomb says he looks forward to the inspector general's report once she's finished her investigation. He says he will not comment further until that review is complete, including on one call for impeachment from a state lawmaker.

This is the first time Holcomb has spoken publicly about the allegations.

Meanwhile, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody is questioning whether Hill is using his public office to mount a defense.

"If he's using resources from the official, taxpayer-funded attorney general's office for his legal defense, and also, is he using taxpayer-funded resources through his communications staff?" Zody said.

Holcomb says he'll let the inspector general deal with that. "I'm not going to comment as this thing unfolds on every action or bit of information,"