House panel considers abortion bill on parental notification

Posted: 1:46 AM, Mar 23, 2017
Updated: 2017-03-23 01:46:28-04
House panel considers abortion bill on parental notification

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Debate over the constitutionality of a first-of-its-kind Indiana abortion bill altering the state's judicial bypass procedure is continuing in the Legislature.

Under current law, someone under age 18 can obtain an abortion with permission from a court without notifying a parent or guardian. Republican Sen. Erin Houchin's measure would instead mandate parents be served legal notice and provided the chance to object in court.

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Bill opponents argue the bill is unconstitutional because it removes the confidentiality component of a bypass, which court rulings have found to be critical.

Others say the bypass is meant to circumvent a parent vetoing their child's abortion, not to keep them from knowing their child is pursuing one.

A House panel heard testimony Wednesday but held the bill for a vote at a future meeting.