Kentucky election ballot nicknames comical

Law allows for nicknames in Ky. Elections

If you could choose between "Booger" and "Pickle," what decision would you make?

That was the dilemma facing primary election voters in one eastern Kentucky county Tuesday.

Kentucky allows for nicknames to be placed on the ballot, resulting in some distinct choices in many county races.

In the Martin County race for constable in district 1, voters could pick between Jason R. "Booger" Jude and Homer "Pickle" Mills Jr.

Other intriguing nicknames on Kentucky ballots included Gary "Rooster" Risner and Brandon "Chicken Wing" Minix. Each won his party's nomination in the Magoffin County magistrate district 1 race, pitting "Rooster" against "Chicken Wing" in the fall.

To qualify to use a nickname on the ballot, Kentucky law specifies the name must be judged by the secretary of state or county clerk as "a title, rank, degree, job description, or spurious phrase (that) shall be placed on the ballot only if it is the candidate's bona fide nickname."

A bona fide nickname becomes usable if it "is acknowledged, by affidavit, under oath, by five (5) residents of the county in which the candidate resides, to be a bona fide nickname."

Candidates also have to specify that the nickname "is not being used to gain an advantage on the ballot."

In some cases, the nickname is just used to make sure voters know Debra is actually "Debbie" and Thomas is actually "Tommy," as in the case of Thomas R. "Tommy" Salyer Jr.

But many of the nicknames are much more colorful. Some of them wouldn't be out of place on the pro wrestling circuit.

Here are some more of the most interesting nicknames in the Kentucky primary.

Tim "Pooh Bear" Howard
John "Hermanator" Kirk
Harold "Big Penny" Barrett
Darrell "Frog" Cole
James "Big 'un" Jewell
Aster "Cat" Sizemore
Charles "Fuzzy" Keesee
Mike "Doodlebug" Huff
Dan "Dangerous Dan" Caldwell
James "Redeye" Castle
Timmy "Eggman" Rose
Stanley "Jawbone" Slone
Randy "Buddy Boy" Bates
Jerry "Rabbit" Cox
Lonnie "Peanut" Williamson
Jay "Joker" Parker
Forest P. "Flip" Diamond
Johnny "Hog" Davidson
Eugene "Friday" Roberts
Charles "Chunk" Polly
Frank "Smoke" Hollan
Clarence "BoBob" Green
Donald "Cush" Jones
Danny "Big D" Reid
Hugh "Bulldog" Lunsford
Ronnie "The Bull" Mitchell
Stevie "The Fireman" Smith
Stuart "Bear" Halbert
Brad "The Bubblegum Man" Walls

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