Indy, Carmel mayors respond to U.S. pulling out of Paris climate agreement

Posted: 2:47 PM, Jun 02, 2017
Updated: 2017-06-02 23:10:32-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Leaders across the United States are coming together to protect the future after President Donald Trump announced Thursday that he was withdrawing the country from the Paris climate agreement. 

By triggering the withdrawal procedures, Trump has sparked a lengthy process that won't conclude until November 2020. 

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said the agreement was not about "political posturing" but about ensuring the "future health and livability of our city" for generations to come. 

In a statement released Friday, Mayor Hogsett said he will join others across the country in coming together to take "actionable steps" to reduce Indianapolis' carbon footprint. 

Mayor Hogsett released the following statement Friday:

“As a father, I often think of the legacy we will leave for our children. And as Mayor, I know that it will be up to Indianapolis civic leaders to come together and shape that future. The commitments made in the Paris Agreement aren’t about the political posturing or partisan rhetoric that dominates cable news – they are about ensuring the future health and livability of our city and the global community. In the coming weeks, I will join others around the country by bringing together local business, non-profit, and scientific leaders to develop actionable steps to reduce Indianapolis’ carbon emissions and continue moving toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.”

Carmel Mayor James Brainard criticized's the president's decision.

"Great countries show leadership," said Brainard. "We want to be on the side of Syria? Who is one of two countries that chose not to sign the accord? Great countries keep their word. President Obama and President Trump are from two different parties and different ideas. We gave our word as a country. Absent a huge mistake we should keep our word."


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