Rep. Trey Hollingsworth defeats challenger for 9th District in U.S. House of Representatives

Posted at 9:33 PM, Nov 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-07 00:46:33-05

INDIANAPOLIS – Republican Rep. Trey Hollingsworth will retain his seat in the 9th District of the U.S. House of Representatives, defeating Democrat Liz Watson Tuesday.

Hollingsworth said as a husband, a new father, and a businessman, he wants to see all Americans have the opportunity to succeed.

While campaigning for his seat, he said he heard what's important to Hoosiers, which happen to be the very things he says he's focused on in D.C.

"What I've heard is wages are going up all the way across the district, people are getting jobs that haven't been able to find work in a long time," Hollingsworth said in October. "Employers are investing more in their businesses. We're seeing more businesses get started right here in the 9th District that's really exciting. I want people to feel like their future is better than their past and it’s in their control and that's what I think getting government out of the way is about."

The 9th District covers several counties to the south of Indianapolis, including Brown, Johnson, Monroe, and portions of Morgan. 

He also discussed term limits on the campaign trail. Hollingsworth has promised to serve no more than eight years as a representative.

"Most importantly to me I want to make sure that we get term limits passed, that we have lobbying bans on members of Congress so that we change that culture in Washington that’s been promoting its own self-interest, instead of promoting other people’s interests," he said. "It should be a government that works for Hoosiers, not the other way around."

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