Thousands of Hoosiers aren't waiting for election Tuesday

Many say minds made up about candidates

INDIANAPOLIS - County clerks in Indiana are reporting a record number of people turning out to vote early.

Indiana didn't have an early voting option until 2006, but it's proving a popular option this year.

Marion County Clerk Beth White said the City-County Building has been busy with voting visitors.

"The first two weeks, we were very busy compared to the same days in 2008," White said. "We are way ahead, and we are really pleased about that."

Voters showing up to make their selections early have already decided which buttons to push.

"I don't listen to the commercials. I don't listen to the ads. I throw away the fliers," said voter Jennifer Maher. "My decision was made a long time ago."

While convenience is a recurring them, some are using the opportunity as a learning experience for their children.

"(The children) saw an episode that said, 'Stop, think and choose,' so this is our way of showing them we're going to stop, think and choose," said Alisha Valentine.

Many said they've read, seen and heard enough to make a wise decision.

"I call myself an educated voter, so I have definitely been keeping up with the information and making sure my vote is going to the right person," said voter Dawn Rodney.

"I feel like it's my privilege to take care of business as soon as possible, so as soon as my city made it possible for me to vote, I decided to come on out, of course after the debates," said voter Jerry Talley.

The votes will not be counted until election day. Early voting continues in Indiana until Nov. 5.


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