Vice President Mike Pence makes reporters watch his DVD of 'Hoosiers' on Air Force Two

INDIANAPOLIS -- What is the greatest sports movie ever? If you ask Vice President Mike Pence, it's not close. It's "Hoosiers."

He apparently believes so strongly about the movie, that he had the reporters covering his travels on Air Force Two watch it on the way to Australia. 

According to a pool report, about an hour into the nine-hour flight to Australia from Jakarta, Indonesia Pence's press secretary Marc Lotter said the reporters would be required to watch the "greatest sports movie ever made." 

The story of the flight gets better. The copy of "Hoosiers" was the former Indiana governor's own personal DVD copy, according to the pool reporter.

It's understandable Pence would love the movie. The name of the movie is "Hoosiers," for crying out loud. 

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It was also filmed in Indiana. "Hoosiers" received two Oscar nominations in 1987.

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Still, that didn't stop the jokes from coming online, many at Pence's expense.

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