Pollinator Count Week seeks citizen scientists to montior greenspace, count bugs

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A world without bees might sound ideal for some, but we need the insects to survive.

That's why Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. is buzzing about Pollinator Count Week.

The organization is looking for citizen scientists who are willing to get into a green space and observe the pollinators they see.

Pollinators not only include bees, but wasps, hornets, butterflies, and more.

By collecting this data, they will be able to see what type of habitat is available for insects in central Indiana.

"About 1 out of every 3 bites of our food is brought to us because of pollinators, so it's really crucial to us, but it's also crucial to our biodiversity, and our ecosystems here in the state and really anywhere," explained Adam Schmutte, Stewardship Coordinator at KIB.

One thing people can do at home to help pollinators thrive is use fewer pesticides and plant more native plants.

For Pollinator Count Week events, click here.


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