Private Sector Job Demands Prompt Mayor's Resignation

Beech Grove Mayor Says City In Good Hands

Beech Grove Mayor Joe Wright announced at a city council meeting Monday night that he is stepping down from the job.

Wright, a Republican who has led the city for the past seven years, said he's been considering resigning for about six months.

"I'm trying to make the right decision for the city, the best decision for myself, my family and may career," Wright said. "My private sector job is demanding a lot more time, and the city deserves more time than I'm able to give it right now."

Wright is executive vice president of Novia CareClinics, an Indianapolis-based health care company.

Wright said he's proud of strides made in public safety, but he also endured some controversy when it was revealed that the city failed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in sewage fees to the city of Indianapolis.

Wright's resignation is effective on Jan. 14. Councilor John Jennings was appointed acting mayor until a new leader can be chosen.