Procession routes for Lieutenant Aaron Allan's funeral

Today we are remembering and celebrating the life of Southport Police Department's Lieutenant Aaron Allan, who was killed in the line of duty last Thursday.

The procession from Crown Hill Cemetery to Bankers Life Fieldhouse, as well as from Bankers Life Fieldhouse to Crown Hill Cemetery, will leave a lot roads closed, as people gather to remember the life lost.


Here are both routes, which will be closed to all through traffic during the processions.


The procession to Lieutenant Allan's funeral is as following:

7:00 a.m. - Escort arrival at Crown Hill Cemetery for procession to Bankers Life Fieldhouse

  • From Crown Hill Cemetery, head South on Clarendon Road to East 38th Street
  • Head east on 38th Street to Meridian Street and south on Meridian
  • Take Meridian Street to North Street and then go east on North Street
  • Continue on North Street until you reach Pennsylvania Avenue and then go south on Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Continue heading south on Pennsylvania Avenue until you reach Bankers Life Fieldhouse


Following the funeral, there will be a procession from Bankers Life Fieldhouse to Crown Hill Cemetery:

  • North on Pennsylvania from Bankers Life to Washington Street
  • Continue west on Washington Street to Capitol Avenue
  • South on Capitol Avenue to McCarty 
  • Head East on McCarty to Madison Avenue
  • South on Madison Avenue to Banta Avenue
  • East on Banta Avenue to Derbyshire Road 
  • South on Derbyshire Road to Southport Police Department
  • Pause at Southport Police Department for remembrance and honor
  • Proceed south to Southport Road
  • Continue west on Southport Road to US 31
  • Go north on US 31 to Delaware
  • Continue north on Delaware to Michigan
  • West on Michigan to Illinois
  • North on Illinois to 34th Street
  • Head west on 34th Street to Graceland --Garrison Flag (just east of Crown Hill Gothic Cathedral entrance)
  • West on 34th to entrance of Crown Hill Cemetery 


If you are headed downtown and not for the funeral, it might be best to stay on the Interstates, in order to avoid the closures of this route.

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