Prosecutor To Drop Charges Against Scrapper

OmniSource, City Near Deal

The Marion County Prosecutor's Office is expected to announce Wednesday morning it will drop criminal charges against the city's largest metal recycler, OmniSource.

The company has been at the center of controversy for the last two years after it was accused of profiting from the collection of stolen scrap metal, 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

In October 2010, then-Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi filed eight felony charges against OmniSource, including corrupt business influence and attempted receipt of stolen property.

6News has learned that some officials believe that there may not be enough evidence to pursue the case.

The office of the county's newly elected Prosecutor Terry Curry told 6News "it can't confirm or deny" the story.

An attorney for OmniSource would not comment on the story, saying "MCPO (Marion County Prosecutor's Office) will determine what is public when."

OmniSource has denied that it broke any law and had sued in an effort to get the city to return money that was seized in the investigation.

Dozens of Indianapolis police officers have a stake in what happens to OmniSource because their reputations were put on the line when the company was accused of criminal activity.

Before the investigation, about 50 officers worked part-time for the company. Their department-approved permits to work there were pulled once the allegations surfaced.

The officers hired an attorney to protect their interests.