Prosecutor: White Case About Deceit, Cheating

Secretary Of State Blasted In Prosecutor's Opening Statement

Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was under attack Tuesday morning during opening statements of his trial on seven felony charges in Hamilton County.

In a 30-minute presentation, Special Prosecutor Dan Sigler told the jury that White's case is about deceit and cheating, RTV6's Derrik Thomas reported.

White and his attorney, former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, carried boxes of documents into court that will be used in his defense.

Sigler told the jury that White lived in a Fishers condominium with his now current wife, but he voted using an address where his ex-wife lived. Paperwork is the core evidence in the case.

"We are going to call people involved in the real estate transactions today," Sigler said. "There is a lot of paper."

"This is one man who happens to be secretary of state who cast one vote and is charged with four felonies for one vote," Brizzi said. "He's charged with perjury on a marriage application for what they alleged is the wrong house number and street address. This is, in our opinion, unprecedented and would not be occurring, but for the fact that Charlie is the secretary of state."

Brizzi added that there are no victims in the case.

If convicted, White could face prison time and be forced to leave office. The trial is expected to last two weeks.

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