Real Estate Scheme Returns Under New Name

Men Accused Of Living In Homes For Free

A company with a track record of misleading people in a real estate scheme is back in operation under a new name, 6News has discovered.

Indianapolis-based Motordom Automotive and Property Group is the newest name for the business being run by Joseph L. Stanley, 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

Stanley and his business partner, Stephen Harris, were forced out of a home on the 4700 block of Candle Court on Thursday after attempting to live in the property for free for nearly two months, police said.

Previous 6News investigations have exposed the pair's past practices of living in homes for free for several months using a number of aliases, including J. Lee Stanley, Spectrum Paridigm Company, Mutual Investment and Spectrum Property Corporation of Indiana.

Several homeowners have judgments for more than $300,000 against Stanley in connection with home deals that fell apart.

Stanley has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and blames 6News for making it difficult for him to make a living.

In the latest incident, Randall Patee said he was hoping to sell his home to Stanley under a land contract. But he said Stanley never closed on the agreement, changed the locks to his home and hired a contractor to do concrete work, but did not pay the bill for more than $6,000.

Patee said he was forced to go to Marion County Superior Court 13 in Indianapolis to get a court order demanding the men leave his house.

"To me, it's a criminal matter," he said. "He stole money. I'd love for him to be in jail."

In court documents filed last week, Stanley said that he "has never engaged in many similar schemes wherein I wrongfully obtained possession of real estate and refused to leave."

When Sanchez attempted to ask him about the statement, he shouted a string of expletives at him, calling Sanchez a "buffoon with a microphone."