Rebuilding: Henryville One Week Later

Residents Attend Prayer Services

One week after a series of storms and tornadoes ravaged southern Indiana, residents gathered for a prayer service to gain a sense of togetherness as they tried to rebuild their broken community.

Hoosiers in Henryville attended a service outside of the First Baptist Church to uplift their spirits and each other, RTV6's Jenna Kooi reported.

"When I came up the street and saw my house for the first time, I just about collapsed in the road, because all that was left was just one wall of the house," resident Melissa Ruth said.

Resident Kristin Kleiner said her worst memory of the storm was learning that her neighbor was killed when strong winds knocked a refrigerator on him. Despite the tragedy, she was determined to stay strong and help others pick up the pieces.

“We had 50 people out there, sawing trees and picking up power lines. It’s been amazing," Kleiner said.

Many residents said attending the prayer service gave them a sense of gratefulness, despite their losses.

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