East-side Indy residents 'go green' to take back Willard Park neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS - A group of residents living on Indianapolis' near-east side is working to fight against the empty lots, graffiti and poverty plaguing their neighborhood.

People living in Willard Park said they don't want eyesores bringing down their property values.

Resident Doug Dirschell is finding a solution to the problem by starting in his own front yard.

"Somebody has to start. People are always asking why we put money into our neighborhood and we say why not," Dirschell said. 

Sue Spicer with Willard Park of Holy Cross-Westminster Civic Alliance said that the eyesores can be looked at as potential projects.

"Instead of looking at that as a blighted issue we look at it as an opportunity to shape the destiny of our neighborhood," Spicer said.

The civic alliance is working to promote more green spaces, more green gardens flowing with fresh produce, and it's even considering a graffiti park initiative that would give taggers a place to display their work.

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